This software is built with Go programming language. It means you will get an executable binary to run on your machine. You don’t need extra software like MAMP, XAMPP, or WAMP to run Tania, but you may need MySQL database if you choose to use it instead of SQLite (the default database.)

The easiest way to install Tania is using pre-built binaries for Windows (x64) and Linux (x64). You can download it from the release page. After the download process is finished, you can unzip it, and run it from Windows Command Prompt/Powershell by using .\tania-core.exe or from Linux terminal by using ./tania-core.

If your OS is neither Windows (x64) nor Linux (x64), then you must build Tania by yourself. You can follow this instruction below.


Building Instructions

Assume that your Go environment is in ~/go.

  1. Make sure you have installed golang/dep
  2. Clone the repo using go get
  3. Checkout the stable version by using cd ~/go/src/ && git checkout tags/1.5.1 -b v1.5.1
  4. From the project root, call dep ensure to install the Go dependencies
    • If you have an issue with dep ensure, you can call go get instead.
  5. Create a new file conf.json using the values from the conf.json.example and set it with your own values.
  6. Issue npm install to install VueJS dependencies.
  7. To build the VueJS, just run npm run dev for development purpose or npm run prod for production purpose.
  8. Setup SQLite:
    • Edit SqlitePath in conf.json to your sqlite DB file path (ex: /Users/user/Programs/sqlite/tania.db)
    • Create an empty file with the exact filename and path that match the SqlitePath config.
  9. Compile the source code with go build. It will produces tania-core.exe (on Windows) or tania-core (on Linux and OSX.)
  10. Run the program from Terminal by issuing ./tania-core, or from Windows Command Prompt by issuing .\tania-core.exe.
  11. The default username and password are tania / tania.

Database Engine

Tania uses SQLite as the default database engine. You may use MySQL as your database engine by replacing sqlite with mysql at tania_persistence_engine field in your conf.json.

  "tania_persistence_engine": "sqlite",
  "demo_mode": true,
  "upload_path_area": "uploads/areas",
  "upload_path_crop": "uploads/crops",
  "sqlite_path": "db/sqlite/tania.db",
  "mysql_host": "",
  "mysql_port": "3306",
  "mysql_dbname": "tania",
  "mysql_user": "root",
  "mysql_password": "root",
  "redirect_uri": "http://localhost:8080/",
  "client_id": "f0ece679-3f53-463e-b624-73e83049d6ac"

Run The Test

  • Use go test ./... to run all the Go tests.
  • Use npm run cypress:run to run the end-to-end test