Initial setup

After you have finished the installation step of Tania, you can start using the software by:

Login to Your Account

Go to your browser, and access http://localhost:8080 (the default installation address.) Input tania as the default username and password.

Input your farm information

On the next screen, you will input the information about your farm. Fill all fields and click Continue.

Create first water reservoir

Next, you will define the source of water on your farm. You can select the Tap/Well if you have infinite water source, or you can select Water tank/Cistern if you have limited water source. Then you can click Continue.

Create first area

The last step is defining your first area. You can set it as a seeding or growing place, and also determine the location of it. The system will automatically connect your first reservoir to the first area. Click Finish Setup, and you have completed the initial configuration.