Product Roadmap

Major Changes for v2.0

The most fundamental changes that will be made in this version are:

Mobile-first approach

Tania should be able to be used on the field that is often not appropriate for laptop or PC usage. Therefore, with the mobile-first approach, Tania can be more easily used on a smartphone without fear of missing data being stored.

User Journey

Some experiences on v1.5 are not designed properly and we know that it is frustrating for some people. That’s why Tania v2.0 is going to have a heavily redesigned user journey.

New Interface

Along with the redesign of User Journey, we also going to redesign the whole interface of Tania, to make it more easy to use.

And also, here are some features and enhancements that are going to be included on v2.0.

1. Localisation

Some languages that we are going to add on v2.0 are:

  • Bahasa Indonesia
  • Hungary
2. IoT Integration

Provide a gateway to connect to sensors using MQTT broker to record, control and monitor real-time conditions on the field.

3. Plugins

Provide plugin to extend functionality and/or add new features to Tania installation. With this, developers can create their own plugins, written in Go language to integrate seamlessly with Tania.

4. User Roles

Provide the ability to create different access level for various people. The User Roles are essential for controlling what actions the various users at your organisation are allowed to perform. By applying the User Roles, no one has more power than they need, and this can make your Tania system more secure and streamline your workflows too. We are going to provide two roles:

  • Superadmin
  • Staff
5. Sub Area

Within each Area with type of Growing, you can break out your growing areas into smaller parts, referred to as Sub Area. This division aims to facilitate the organization of the production process which is mostly carried out by small and microfarms.

6. Tasks Template

Provide functionality to create templates of repetitive tasks that need to be done, based on categories.

Our plans will evolve over time based on customer feedbacks and market opportunities. If you have feedback about what you think we should be working on, please get in touch with us on Telegram. We appreciate any feedback and contributions from the community.