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Photo by Elaine Casap on Unsplash.

In the last few weeks, there’s a discussion between initiators of this project about the direction of Tania. We all agree that Tania should be more involving the community in the agriculture ecosystem around the world to promote precision agriculture practice. Because we believe precision agriculture can make farming more sustainable ecologically and economically. The world is too big for us to do it alone. Therefore, this is what we will do to achieve that goal.

We want everybody to feel the freedom when contributing or extracting value from the software. Thus, we want to establish a non-profit organization for this project. By separating it from our company, Tanibox, we can ensure you if Tania will remain open source, have enough accountability, and based on the community. Everyone can get benefit from it, not just us.

Let say you are a software developer or an agriculture technology company. You can provide customization service of Tania. If you are a farmer, you can use Tania for free on your computer or server. Many possibilities can happen with this model.

Thanks to WordPress, Mozilla, and Linux. They are our biggest influence.

Are you interested in voluntarily joining this initiative? You can start joining our Telegram group and start the conversation there.

Tania is an open source farmer's journal hosted on GitHub. You can support this project via our Open Collective.

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