Keep Track of Your Farm
in One Place

TANIA is a free & open source farm management software that make managing your farm simpler by accessing information
you need on-the-go.

Current version 1.7.0. Code licensed Apache 2.0

Our mission is to make the smart-farming technique affordable
for farmers and growers all over the world.

Why Tania is Good for Developers and Farmers?

built for iot

Love your RaspberryPi so much? We covered them for you. Tania can be installed on your RPi, and you're good to go without robbing your bank account!


Extensible modules to help your Tania system meet your needs. You can also build your own farming sensors that suits to your farms.

open source

Tania will always be a free and open source software to give you the freedom to manage your farm the way you like it. It's available on GitHub.

Tania is collective-community driven

Tania is an open source project hosted on GitHub, originated by Tanibox in 2017. The Tania community
of dedicated developers, users, farmers and agriculture experts made it possible. They contributes
and shares their knowledge and experiences on these platforms:

You can support us financially

Tania is proudly part of the Open Collective family. You can also support the community and keep development going strong by becoming our backer or sponsor.

Do you prefer to use Ethereum? Transfer your donation to our address: